SiCMobi Family

The SiCMobi family of power supplies corresponds to a range of Induction Heat Treatment Units (HTU) covering power levels up to 100 kW, frequencies in the range 10 to 40 kHz and 200% overcurrent capability for load matching.

SiCMobi generators are based on the ultimate power electronics technologies as Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOS Transistors, advanced DC link using antiferroelectric capacitors, ultrafast high isolation circuitry and advanced transistor driving circuits and fully digital controller all integrated in a PCB, allowing an overall efficiency higher than 90% @40 kHz (inductor losses not included) and consequently very small and compact chillers.

SiCMobi generators are very small and lightly power supplies thought for applications like brazing, sealing, bonding, etc. and includes in a single cabinet the power section, as well as the resonant capacitor bank and can be placed in a table as well as in a mobile unit. The output can be connected to a conventional or coaxial reactive matching transformer for load adaptation.

SiCMobi-Dual generators can handle two different power outputs totally independent each other with working possibilities at different power and frequencies at the same time while SiCMobi-Quad version can manage for independent outputs for four heating processes at the same time.

SiCMobi are very simple to operate as the control features simplifies the operation of the inverter and the HMI guides the user with very simple instructions to operate the machine.

Load matching in SiCMobi generators is very simple task as the inverter has 200% overcurrent capacity making that every workpiece can be heated with the same inductor and due to their special design, these generators can provide 200% intermittent power with a duty cycle of 50%.

The Main Advantages of SiCtech Induction Technology

  • Wide Range of applications with the same generator.
  • Extremely high efficiency.
  • Very small size and weight.
  • Very high robustness due to the use of SiC MOS Transistors.
  • Very easy use of the generator due to the use of advanced cyber-physical algorithms that auto-adjust the generator depending on the required heating process.

The SiCMag Family Features & Subsystems

SiCMobi products ranges power from 12,5 to 100 kW. The supply voltage is 400-480 V and the system is water cooled. As standard, SiCMobi Family include the SiCtech PLC with communication capabilities via industrial busses like Profinet, Modbus, Ethernet etc. SiCMobi HMI options are a Siemens PLC and pyrometric control.

The SiCMobi family is based on the 50 and 100 kW SiCtech MF power modules that include in a PCB, a plug-able FPGA controller as well as the power section and a water cooled heatsink that features all the requirements needed in an induction heating application.

SiCMobi generators can be mounted in a table as well as a mobile unit due to its small size and weight. The heating station can be a conventional tapped transformer, for extreme load variation adjustment in standby applications or a handheld coaxial transformer for mobile applications.

A highly interactive and comprehensible HMI based on Siemens PLC 1200 or SiCtech PLC, guides the user in any interaction with the generator as the starting up, the resonant frequency selection by autotuning, the matching of the load etc. and provides information on the status and working conditions of the generator at any time.

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