This is the heating used before processes like galvanizing lines, certain welding processes, deposits of some materials and cable extrusion among others.


This is the heating used afterwards processes such as cross-linking polymers, draining zinc, paint drying and curing resins and cable among others.

Heat staking

When a structural component is produced from a thermoplastic material, it is possible to heat a piece of metal to a temperature above the plastic flow point and insert it.

The process of joining metal to plastic requires a fast, precise and repeatable heating to prevent quality defects (melted or burnt plastic overflow).

To realize this process, several methods can be used, such as gas, electrical resistance or induction.

Induction heating advantages:

  • Improved process efficiency
  • Localized, constant and precise heating
  • Temperature control
  • Energy saving
  • Possibility of integration into production lines
  • Best quality and yield/performance
  • Pollution free, fast and secure technology
  • Improved working environment

Industries related to these processes are food industry, cable, shipbuilding and aerospace.

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