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SiCtech Induction's motto is (Wolfgang von Göthe):
Knowing is not enough, apply it.
Willing is not enough, do it.

Under this motto, SiCtech Induction directs its research and development, which is the foundation of SiCtech Induction's being; the acquisition of new knowledge for the development of the company's products.

At present, SiCtech Induction has its own facilities suitable for engineering work and a laboratory, to develop R&D projects from the prototype to the final product.


The importance that SiCtech Induction gives to Technological Research and Development is reflected in the execution of R&D projects, normally with public support and their participation as lecturer or invited lecturer at international conferences.

Likewise and to know the latest advances in the field of Power Electronics, SiCtech Induction staff regularly attend the main conferences on this subject and despite their youth, SiCtech Induction is already part of technology platforms such as the European Centre for Power Electronics (ECPE) with headquarters in Nürnberg (Germany) and Energy Cluster of the Valencian Community.