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With the patented core technology SiCtech Induction has developed a variety of power modules for its integration in induction power supplies for induction heating applications. The modules feature all the necessary HW, SW and communication requirements for its easy integration in induction heating generators. In particular the modules integrate the power switches, its driving circuits including the corresponding power supplies, the sensors, the isolation circuits, the water cooled heatsink as well as the fully digital controller based on cyber-physical system architecture for advanced features.

The developed modules, with an efficiency higher than 99% in all its frequency range, from 10 to 400 kHz, have a very compact size and very small weight and can be easily paralleled for higher power levels.

Basically, there are two types of power modules. The single power port ones and the multipower port ones, for maximum 8 independent power outputs than can be independently controlled, fixing independently, for each of the 8 power ports, the frequency and the power, for providing a high versality in the applications.

The modules can be inverter type, by feeding the inverter with a DC voltage from 500 to 650 VDC, or converter type, that includes the rectifying section, so that the converter is fed by the 3Φ mains (400 or 440 VAC)