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SMART INDUCTION CONVERTER TECHNOLOGIES S.L. (SiCtech Induction) is a start-up company based in the Parc Cientific of the University of Valencia, belonging to the subsector of equipment for industrial machinery, and whose business purpose is:

  1. own research & development for the production and marketing of advanced power converters for its use in industrial induction heating generators and

  2. R&D services in power electronics in applications as DC/DC and AC/DC converters, induction heating power systems, EV chargers, variable speed drives, etc., for third parties.


SiCtech Induction's vision is to provide to the market a breakthrough and totally innovative inverter/converter technology with reduced size and weight and advanced funtionalities compared to the current technology, at very competitive prices, for application as indutive heating and other industrial applications, to reach a globally progressive market levels.

Business model
The business model of the company is based on three axes:
  1. To Integrate the company into the manufacturer's value chain, with the concept: "SiCtech Induction provides the technology, the partner the commercial network", so that SiCtech Induction supplies the nuclear technology of the generator and the partner is responsible for assembling the generator, the logistics, the after-sales service and continue to conduct the business processes in which it has a competitive advantage and retains its access to the end customer.

  2. To reduce business risk by signing strategic alliances with recognized companies in their sector to begin marketing in high-expansion markets.

  3. To offer R&D services to third parties in the field of Power Electronics.

Corporate Culture

The business culture of SiCtech Induction is based on fulfilling customer needs as the core element of the business purpose, through a solid, professional, enthusiastic and dedicated human team that uses its knowledge, talent and professional management to develop innovative solutions in the field of power converters to meet the needs of the customer.


Innovation is the backbone of Sitech's business based on the generation of knowledge and talent through a strong activity in Research and Development to provide the market with innovative solutions in the field of power converters with advanced functionalities for different applications such as induction heating, laser, electro-medicine, electric mobility, renewable energies, etc., to be integrated into more complex systems.

The Founders of SiCtech Induction

The founders of SiCtech Induction are professors of the Department of Electronic Engineering of the University of Valencia with more than 30 years of experience in the design and development of power converters for industrial applications such as induction heating, telecommunication, laser, electric vehicle battery chargers etc. and the fourth founder has a University degree in Economics.