Bonding is an adhesive curing process which allows achieving the quick joining of two other elements.

In the modern assembly of mechanical parts bonding is increasingly used instead of spot welding and rivets, for example.

Induction bonding consists of accelerating the polymerization of the glue by heating the metal parts to be joined. The required temperatures are generally in the range from 150ºC to 220°C.

Induction heating advantages:

  • Easy integration in the assembly line
  • Sensible process time reduction
  • The part is not marked (and therefore there are no after-painting defects and polishing is not required)
  • Energy saving
  • Controlled heating allows a constant quality of the joints to be ensured
  • No corrosion problems associated with welding points
  • Glue may be combined with sealing strip

This process is largely used in assembly lines of car bodywork and aerospace industry.

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