Advising services (Ad)

SiCtech Induction offers the following services either as stand-alone or as part of a turnkey project for facilitating the solution design.

These services help the customer to implement a new or an improved induction heating process before taking the investment decision.

Investment Analysis

Could you improve your business results? We provide you technical and economical arguments to analyse the viability of investing in an induction heating asset for your production considering the best system configuration.

Application Development and Optimization Service (ADOS)

Do you need to incorporate a new process or to improve an existing one? Is it possible to replace your current heating method by induction technology?
The SiCtech Induction Application engineers are willing to study for developing or optimizing your process under your requirements using tools as computer heating simulation, part test laboratory, metallurgical service, etc.

Part test laboratory

Do you need to test and to confirm the technical viability of an induction process on your part?
SiCtech Induction  offers its know-how and a complete laboratory covering a wide range of frequencies and powers to test your new or improved processes.

Pre-series production service

Do you need a short amount of heated parts before having the final installation on your facilities (for certification, for testing other machine tools, for assembling in your product prototypes or any other purpose)?
Through our inductor manufacturing and part test laboratory we can provide you this service.

SiCtech Induction finds out the proper combination of frequencies, powers and process to fulfil the customer production requirements.

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